Generosity of AMLA Member Family Adds to Scholarship Program

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It is with great gratitude and pride that the AMLA is unveiling a new scholarship this year: Joseph A. Abram and Albina M. Abram Scholarship. This presents an added opportunity for an AMLA Member who is currently attending a college or university to recieve a $2,000 scholarship to help them on their quest for a degree. The gratitude is for the Abram Family who planted the seed for the AMLA/Joseph A. Abram and Albina M. Abram Scholarship Fund, which will be used to keep this scholarship available for years to come. The pride we feel is in knowing that our beloved AMLA has made a difference in the lives of many, and the Abrams have chosen to recognize that in this way.

Fraternal organizations like the AMLA have been working for more than a century to help members with more than just quality insurance products. Through fraternal benefits, the AMLA is able to add value and quality of life for all its members.

Who were Joseph & Albina Abram?

The sons and daughter of Joseph A. and Albina M. Abram have established a scholarship fund in honor of their parents following the recent passing of their mother, Albina. Joseph Abram passed in 1984. His father, Anton Abram, was one of the founders of Lodge #20 Bled. Both Joseph and Albina were proud of being first generation Slovenian-Americans and were active in Lodge activities, encouraging their children to do likewise. They made many sacrifices so all four children could obtain college educations, and, for this reason, their children wanted to create a scholarship fund to continue their parents legacy of promoting education as the key to success.

AMLA Scholarship DonorsThe family chose the AMLA to manage this scholarship fund in order to give back to the Slovenian community and because the AMLA scholarship program benefited them during their college years. Continuing the tradition of scholarship through the AMLA in the name of their Ata and Mati, the AMLA/Joseph A. Abram and Albina M. Abram Scholarship Fund will provide an annual scholarship of $2,000, awarded to an undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester of college classes and has the requisite academic record and individual character to be the selected recipient as determined by the AMLA.

(photo: Albina and Joseph Abram)

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