A Gift for the Future

An AMLA Annuity as a gift on his 12th birthday made him roll his eyes, but now that he knows the
value at retirement...

Today, John couldn’t tell you the other gifts he received on that birthday, but he will never forget the wisdom of his grandparents. John’s grandparents gave him an unexpected gift—an AMLA Annuity.* The gratification was delayed, but John knows that the gift that first made his eyes roll, now makes his jaw drop. Even at the interest rate of 3.0%, the amount will double—twice—by the time he is ready to cash out. Luckily, John also knows that he can make additional contributions** as he ages to add even more value. Instead of worrying about how he will save for his retirement, he is deciding how he might spend it.

AMLA members are all eligible for Flexible Premium Annuities or Individual Retirement Annuity.**

Take the first step:
Call 216-531-1900

*Must be an AMLA member with at least a $2000 life insurance certificate.
**Minimum initial deposit of $300, and Minimum amount of $100 per addition.
Some restrictions apply. Call the Home Office for details.

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