2016 AMLA Scholarship/Grant Program Updates

Updates Made, New Scholarship Added to AMLA Program

The AMLA Scholarship and Grant Program for 2016 is upon us, and we have some exciting developments! First, the values of the named scholarships, Anna Mae Mannion and Dr. Rudolph M. Susel Scholarships, have been increased to $2,000 each and $2,500 for the Frank Lausche Scholarship (sponsored by the Frances and Jane S. Lausche Fund).

Next, we are excited to announce the addition of another scholarship! Through the generosity of the Abram Family, the AMLA is proud to announce the AMLA/Joseph A. and Albina M. Abram Scholarship Fund, named after two, very active and influential AMLA Members from AMLA Lodge 20 (Click Here to learn more about the Abrams). The contribution of this fund by the Abram Family will an additional opportunity for years to come, for a qualified AMLA Member to receive valuable financial assistance through this program.

In addition, to help with the filing of Scholarship Applications, the 2016 forms will be “fillable” (Go to Application Page). That means when you complete your Scholarship Application Form, you can do so electronically, by typing in the information. Then save the application to your computer, and send it in when you have all the information together for your submission. If you are not one of the chosen applicants for the scholarship, you can resend this same application with your Fall Semester transcripts for the AMLA Grant—saving the trouble of completing a whole other application.

Your entire application can be submitted, for your convenience, via e-mail to Member@AmericanMutual.org. When submitted by e-mail, the message will automatically be time-stamped to ensure that it is received in a timely manner. If you have any questions regarding submission, please visit the AMLA Web Site at www.AmericanMutual.org/grants or call the AMLA Home Office 216-531-1900. On the web site you’ll the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

You can read about last year's 2015 AMLA Scholarship Recipients here.

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