What the heck’s an Ibex?!

AMLA is a member of the AFAMany commercial insurance companies employ the likeness of elk, pigs, geckos, camels, humped-back whales—the list goes on, so you get the picture. The AMLA functions in many ways like commercial insurers, so why not put some of Mother Nature’s finest to work for us?
The Ibex is a wild mountain goat that has an uncanny ability to navigate perilously steep terrain. Like the sure-footed ibex, the AMLA has negotiated some perilous financial times—climbing where others have stumbled. Additionally, the ibex is found throughout the world, including the Alps of Italy and Slovenia. It is often viewed symbolically as a sign of good fortune. Likewise, it is often associated with the coming Spring—which seems difficult to comprehend given the amount of snow that is falling in February and March throughout Ohio.
The ibex majestically wields its over-sized horns for protection and balance in much the same way AMLA utilizes is member-centric, representative form of government. In fact, every part of the ibex, from the suction-cup-like hooves, to the thick coat of fur, to the large horns, works to help the animal survive some of the harshest environment on Earth. In the same way, we as members of the AMLA, must work together to keep the AMLA strong and healthy.

You can help in 3 ways:

1: Encourage friends and family to become members of the AMLA. Each new member solidifies the AMLA’s future for another hundred years.

2: Participate in lodge meetings and activities. These are often forsaken by members as someone else’s job. However, they are required by the State of Ohio for all fraternal organizations, and they are a heck of a lot more fun when more than 25 people participate!

3: Name the AMLA Ibex at www.AmericanMutual.org/ibex.

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